Submitted by Robert Szeleney on Sat, 2006-07-01 11:45.

InternalError was busy bringing new games to SkyOS, including: Atakks 1.0, Barrage 1.0.1, Ltris 1.0.4, Microracers 0.2, OilWar 1.2.1, Quadromania 0.2, Invaders 0.8.0, Xrick 0.2 and is still busy porting more games.
You can download them using the SkyOS Software Store (use http://softwarestore.skyos.cz as online repository.

Also, Scribis, the SkyOS Messenger has gone open source.

Internally, the next SkyOS buid will come with major changes, including:
- A complete new libc including more than 400 new functions
- Improved C++ compatibility for standard header files
- Code base compiled with GCC 4.1.1 and new libc
- Binary format switch from PE to ELF
- Desktop composing enabled

Furthermore, development of the new desktop composing compatible drawing interface based on AGG has started and an initial version should be included in the next build.






I suppose it is this.


Re: AGG?

Beyond cool. I've been experimenting with AGG for almost a month now. It's an incredible library. Check out the demos they offer to get a feel for its power.

I can't believe you're choosing to use this for drawing. Excellent choice.